Healthy Bodies for Kids

At a time when they should feel secure in their body’s growth, too many children learn to worry about weight and make choices that contribute to the very problems they hope to avoid. The results diminish self-esteem and the integrity of their growing bodies and minds, consuming attention and energy that should be directed toward important developmental tasks. The compelling wish to be slim provides the seeds for a host of body image, eating, fitness, and weight concerns that are extremely difficult to reverse once established. Rather than helping, studies confirm that weight stigma and body dissatisfaction lead to poorer eating and fitness choices, less physical activity, weight gain and diminished health. The more children and teens worry about their size and shape or fear gaining weight, the more likely they are to disconnect from and view their bodies from the outside-in. Judging themselves harshly, they are less able to make self-caring, health enhancing choices. Programs to reduce weight stigma and promote health instead of size are needed now, before more harm is done. The Healthy Bodies curriculum was developed in response. Eleven engaging lessons teach children to:

  • maintain a caring, mindful connection to their bodies from the inside-out
  • develop an identity based on who they are rather than how they look
  • reject weight stigma and respect genetic diversity of body size and shape
  • understand how appearance changes with puberty
  • defend against unhealthy cultural pressures regarding looks, weight, food, and dieting
  • chose positive role models that support their deeper values
  • actively embrace health and vitality through positive eating and physical activity
  • support each other in having a healthy body image, eating well, and staying fit

Please email me if you have a child or teen that are interested in this class! Thank you!