Abortion Doula

An abortion doula provides specialized support to people before, during*, and after an abortion. As an abortion doula, I emotionally and physically support someone through the process of an abortion, either surgical in a clinic or medical at home. I am available to: 

  • Answer questions and offer community resources
  • Provide logistical information, including where and how to get an abortion
  • Give one-on-one support during certain parts of the abortion or throughout the entire experience
  • Offer emotional support and help process the experience
  • Help with physical relaxation and stress relief techniques
  • Be there for aftercare
  • Provide spiritual and religious support
  • Advocate for your unique experience with medical staff. An abortion doula is there to simply support you, and in whatever way that support looks like, while the medical staff is there to carry out the procedure and make sure, physically, everything is going right.
  • Support other important people in your life with the experience. This can include partners/family/friends/support people.
  • Refer to other support services, including medical, mental health, social and cultural services

*During an in-clinic procedure, I may or may not be able to attend based on clinic regulations.